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Light Yagami Iq

Watch Light be the imposter and see him try to beat Matsuda L and all the other. L would score higher on an IQ test.

Light Yagami Vs L Lawliet Iq Levels Death Note Youtube

4 Light Yagami As the main character of the series and the high school kid who comes across the death note and uses it to become a notorious serial killer Kira Light is obviously very intelligent.

Light yagami iq. There arent too many characters that could out smart the mastermind known as Kira but this list shows some who can. They both swear to to see the other dead and prove whose brand of justice is right and this dominates the first arc of Death Note. Nears IQ – 175.

It is fashionable to think that Light is a genius in Death Note but an objective review of the whole series suggests otherwise. I dont believe in IQ tests or being able to tell how intelligent a person is by a few simple questions. Light is not really a genius in retrospection as he commits all sorts of fundamental errors and has huge loopholes in his logic.

If the characters from the anime Death note was playing the Game Among Us. This thread is archived. Or you can do your own one.

The human whose name is written in this note shall die. But if I had to put a number on their intelligence it would go something like this. I would say Lights IQ would be 125 at max 130.

Thats what I think. In fact hes one of the smartest characters in all of anime. Im really interested in how smart of a guy Light Yagami was from Death Note.

However he is bested by several characters so ultimately he cannot rank as the top character despite how skilled and smart he is. Light Yagami used to be just your typical honors high-school student but his life took a sudden turn when he found a mysterious black notebook lying around his school with Death Note written on its cover. Light Yagami is one of the smartest characters in Death Note.

The brilliant but cruel Light Yagami Kira and the quirky but genius detective L. The characters can be from the series or fan made but show the name of. 170 Fan made note.

Mellos IQ – 145. 5 years ago-Lightbringer-Follow 130. Light Yagamis IQ is 200.

Saying Light is more intelligent than L is like saying Batman is more intelligent than Superman. L Lawliets IQ – 168. Light Yagami IQ Family Members.

Light promptly picked it up and opened the cover revealing a set of instructions. Light Yagami IQ Family MembersI would be going through Death Note. Is there anywhere where someone has done that.

L 145iq This is an estimate that I found which is based on the authors own estimate of each characters intelligence. 910 the authors estimate 160iq. If you like the vedio please like and sh.

His IQ his actions just overall an analysis over the whole series on him and studying how smart he truly is. Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obatas supernatural crime thriller Death Note is an anime featuring two of the smartest men in all of anime and manga. L is considered to be the greatest detective in the world hes solved.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Light Yagami worked on his initiative to kill all who is evil become a God known to the world and to not get caught by L. Light Yagamis IQ – 163.

He ranks each character by intelligence and gives them a score. I read it in a special edition manga volume of Death Note.

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