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Desk Stretching Exercises Pdf

Hold onto the side of the chair and start to lean. Hold for five seconds.

Infographic 6 Ways To Deskercise Sitting At A Desk Hour After Hour And Day After Day Can Take A Toll On Your Bo Easy Workouts Deskercise Mini Workouts

Extend your right leg in front of your left with your foot flexed heel extended toe up 3.

Desk stretching exercises pdf. Photocopy this and keep it in a drawer. Using a stable chair or desk for support stand with your body weight over your left leg 2. Stretching the muscles at the front of your thigh quads can help reduce this.

Lock and Colford 2005 refer to limbering up exercises for physical work eg. The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy CSP is the professional educational and trade union body for the UKs 60000 chartered physiotherapists physiotherapy students and support workers. So weve added below a Desk Stretches PDF available for download that you are welcome to share with colleagues to help them get the right amount of movement into their working days.

Bend your wrist forward gently stretching the forearm muscles wrist and fingers. Forward arm press. Exercises which may include warming up andor stretching performed everyday and often throughout the day in order to loosen up and prepare the body to work.

Ad Ditch the 1-hour workout. A feeling of tension should emerge on both side of your lower back as it stretches out. Heres how you get 10x fitter in 90 less time.

Gently interlock your fingers. Also be sure to get. These desk stretches can b.

Leg Exercise Calf Stretch 1. Repeat on the other side. Useful exercises Here are some simple exercises you can do while seated at your desk.

The Magic Carpet Ride. 10 Desk Exercises You Can Do at Work. Shoulder Roll Slowly roll your shoulders forward fi ve.

But what stretches at work work. Desk Stretches PDF If you have a desk-based job doing simple stretching exercises can be helpful to your health. Stand in front of your desk and place your right hand on it for balance standing on your right leg lift your left heel up towards your left buttock use your left hand to hold your left foot.

This works your core and arms. Trigger your bodys adaptive response to supercharge your strength agility and longevity. Lift your arms over your head keeping your elbows straight.

Sit in your chair with your legs crossed and your feet on the seat. And make a gentle fist. Reach one arm across your body.

You should feel a stretch at the front of your left tight hold your stretch for 20 seconds and repeat three times repeat the same on the other side. Hold for five seconds. While seated cross your arms over your chest.

Rotate the top half of your body turning gently from left to right as far as possible. One of our physios shows us some useful stretches you can do at your desk to reduce the risk of any aches and pains. Rotate your upper body from the waist turning gently from left.

Side Stretch Interlace your fi ngers. But remember to stand up and walk around and stretch regularly. In this 10 minute desk exercises workout physical therapist Jessica Valant takes you through stretches for energy and posture.

Computer Desk Stretches Approximately 4 Minutes Sitting at a computer for long periods often causes neck and shoulder stiffiess and occasionally lower back pain. Shoulder girdle and neck musclesHere is a simple stretch that you can do whilst sat at a desk. The desk-based exercises below are a simple and great way to keep your body moving and help reduce your risk of muscle or joint pain.

Whilst seated place your feet firmly on the floor. Lateral neck rotation Look to the left and hold for a count of three Return to central position Look to the right and hold for a. Then place your hands on the armrests suck in your abs stomach muscles and raise yourself a few inches above the seat using your belly muscles and hands.

Then slowly lean to the left and then to the right until you can feel the stretch. Press your arms backward as far as you can. Hold for 10 to 20 seconds.

These simple stretches can help ease the aches and pains associated with sitting for long periods but its important to combine them with regular physical activity. Current UK exercise guidelines recommend adults aged 19-64 take at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity each week aiming to be active every day. Press your palms away from your body gently stretching the forearm muscles fingers and the muscles between shoulder blades.

Do these stretches every hour or so throughout the day or whenever you feel stiff. Exercise 1 – Chest stretch If you spend a lot of time sat at a desk you may find that the muscles in your chest become tight and the. Lean forward slightly from the waist until a slight tension.

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